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A partnership between Long Beach City College, the local school district, and university partners began with the philosophy that together their institutions can improve college preparation, increase college access, eliminate financial barriers, create curriculum alignment, and increase college completion while closing the achievement gap. The Long Beach College Promise provides 4th grade tours to Long Beach City College, signing of a college-going pledge in the 6th grade, summer bridge services to local high school students, priority enrollment and additional student services, one year of free tuition at Long Beach City College, and ongoing development of curriculum and career pathways and other partnership components designed to better manage student data, eliminate cross-institutional barriers, and ultimately increase student success.

Program Description

The program believes that through institutional collaboration, system alignment, structured educational pathways, elimination of traditional barriers, and community-wide engagement, all Long Beach area students can have the opportunity to attend and complete college while directly benefitting the regional and state workforce and economy. Specific goals include: (1) Providing world-class education from preschool to graduate school, (2) Increasing the percentage of Long Beach Unified School District students who are prepared for and attend college directly from high school, (3) Increasing the percentage of Long Beach City College students who earn degrees and/or career and technical certificates, (4) Increasing the percentage of Long Beach City College students who successfully transfer to CSULB or another university and, (5) Increasing the percentage of CSULB students who graduate with a Bachelor's Degree.


The Success of promise pathway students vs. a matched cohort:

  • Completion of transfer math 37% vs. 29%
  • Completion of transfer English 62% vs. 43%
  • Transfer preparedness status 28% vs. 21%
  • Degree completion 12% vs. 7%
  • Any completion (degree, certificate, transfer-prepared or transfer) 31% vs. 27%


Comparing Latino students to non-Promise Pathways peers:

  • Successful completion of transfer-level math occurred at a rate of 23% (Latino students) to 14% (matched comparison)
  • English completion, the rate of success is 56% (Latino students) to 28% (matched comparison).

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