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With the support of the 24 consortium member institutions, the mission and vision of the Hispanic Theological Initiative revolve around increasing the recruitment, retention, and graduation rates of Latina/o Ph.D. students across the nation by uniting and leveraging institutional resources (human, financial, and infrastructural). Increase the presence of Latina/o leaders and faculty-especially, tenured faculty in seminaries, schools of theology, and universities. Lastly to provide a forum for the exchange of information, ideas, and best practices to engage the contributions of Latina/o faculty and students in theological and religious education.

Program Description

HTI was established to create and nurture a community of Latina/o scholars and prepare a new generation of faith leaders for the religious community and scholars for the academy. The HTI manages the Hispanic Theological Initiative Consortium, consisting of 24 PhD-granting institutions across the nation. To fulfill its intention, HTI provides graduate students with mentoring, networking, editorial opportunities, and dissertation fellowships. These various resources have helped Latina/o students cope with the lack of supportive environments, financial resources, and feelings of marginalization and isolation during their graduate studies. At the commencement of their doctoral studies, HTI fellows are teamed with a seasoned Latina/o scholar in their field of study and denomination, once the student has obtained All But Dissertation status, the HTI fellow is assigned a seasoned editor to support the writing of their dissertation.


Since its inception in 1996, HTI has supported 48 masters, 185 doctoral, and 10 post-doctoral fellows.

Out of the 48 masters fellows, 11 of them continued onto Ph.D. studies, and 111 Ph.D. fellows have completed their doctorates on an average time to degree of 5.5 years.

For the 2017-2018 academic year, 44 HTI fellows are in the pipeline.