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Con Mi MADRE was founded in 1992 but received its non-profit status in 2009. It is currently the only non-profit in Central Texas that supports and encourages young Latinas in their pursuit of post secondary education while requiring mothers to be a part of the process. The majority of the girls are from low-income backgrounds and are first generation college students. Con Mi MADRE has a long collaborative history with UT-Austin's School of Social Work, and offices within the School with access to academic experts and interns. The curriculum provided to the mother-daughter teams is completely bilingual and culturally relevant in order to provide an inclusive learning environment. Since 1992, more than 2,840 Latina mother-daughter teams have been served. The program serves approximately 700 mother-daughter teams annually (1,400 individuals). In 2012, Con Mi MADRE expanded programming to include post-secondary persistence services. First-year post-secondary students received one-on-one mentoring and workshops throughout the year to help them navigate the higher education system.

Program Description

Con Mi MADRE aims to empower young Latinas and their mothers through education and support services that increase preparedness, participation, and success in post-secondary education. Starting in 6th grade, CMM programming is designed to:
1) Keep young Latinas in school
2) Develop a healthy self-esteem; avoid risky behavior and establish relationships with adults and peers
3) Guide them through the post-secondary education application, enrollment, and matriculation process 
4) Assist students throughout their post-secondary career to ensure that they obtain a post-secondary degree


· In 2013, 65% of all young Latinas enrolled had a 2.5 GPA or higher (42% had a 3.0 GPA or higher) and 75% of upperclassmen were enrolled in rigorous courses (e.g., AP, dual credit courses).
· Of the 122 participating seniors in 2013, 100% graduated high school and 92% enrolled in post-secondary education.
· Of first year post-secondary students, 95% matriculated into their second year in 2013.
· Collectively students received $1,013,760 in financial aid and scholarships in 2013.
· All of girls and mothers reported that getting a post secondary degree as a top priority.