Bridge Program

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Mt San Antonio College
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Support Services
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Learning Community,
Summer Bridge


The Bridge Program was initiated in 1998 to provide low-income and first-generation students academic tools and self-confidence to succeed in college. The program supports basic skill students to successfully progress to college-level courses.

Program Description

The Bridge program utilizes a culturally sensitive learning community model that organizes students into cohort groups, similar to familias by linking course instruction (English or math) with counseling courses. Students are additionally provided with supplemental instruction, peer mentors, and personal, career, and academic counseling.

A unique aspect of the program is the strong partnership between student services, instruction, and a pro-active counseling approach that includes academic monitoring and electronic educational plans. By immersing students in a system of network of support services and providing students with the necessary skills and college-knowledge, the program counteracts the challenges most first-generation students face. 


The 2015 Bridge program had a cohort of 367 students with 59% female, 92% Latinos, 4% Asian, 3% African American, and 1% other.

Among them, 97% completed an abbreviated educational plan and 97% persisted to fall 2015.

Of all the classes enrolled by the cohort in fall 2015, retention rates were 92%, compared to 87% for non-Bridge students. 

Latino students earned higher success rates in Bridge courses at a rate of 73% compared to 61% in non-Bridge courses.