Star Huff

Star Huff, Senior Operations Manager, Excelencia in Education

Star Huff

Senior Operations Manager

Current Position:
As the Senior Operations Manager, Star provides hands-on operations and administrative support to ensure that Excelencia team members are resourced to do their best work. In addition to day-to-day operational functions, Star contributes to internal systems planning, human resources, vendor and consultant management, information technology, and office management.

Past Experiences:
Star has 20 years of operations experience in the nonprofit sector, specializing in administration, human resources, and information technology management.

Why are you bringing your talent to Excelencia?
As someone who is deeply passionate about equal opportunities for all, Excelencia’s mission resonates with me on a personal level. It motivates me to work towards creating an educational system that is inclusive and equitable, where every student, regardless of their background, can achieve success.

How would you describe working at Excelencia?
As a staff member of Excelencia, I have the privilege of working with a team of talented and motivated individuals who share the same vision. Being part of a collaborative and mission-driven organization means that each day presents unique challenges and opportunities for personal and professional growth.

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