Lily Cuellarsola

Lily Cuellarsola, Research Analyst, Excelencia in Education

Lily Cuellarsola

Research Analyst

Current Position:
As a Research Analyst at Excelencia, Lily collaborates with the Research team to collect and analyze data and disseminate research projects to inform and compel action with a Latino lens. She uses national and internal datasets to conduct analyses to inform higher education policies and develops research publications centered around Excelencia's policy priorities: affordability, institutional capacity, retention and transfer, and workforce preparation.

Past Experiences:
Lily comes to Excelencia with a personal passion for advancing equity in higher education and with over five years of institutional research experience. She previously worked as a Research Assistant with the Office of Institutional Research at Wellesley College where she conducted research related to financial aid, student enrollment, student success in graduate school admissions, and student well-being during the COVID-19 pandemic. Most recently, Lily worked as a Research Associate at EAB where she conducted market research to better advise institutions on their course offerings. She received her bachelor’s degree in Philosophy from Wellesley College. Lily leverages her personal experience as a first-generation college graduate, education in Philosophy, and professional background to infuse her research analysis with empathy, critical thinking, and adaptability to ensure a diverse perspective in her role at Excelencia.

Why are you bringing your talent to Excelencia?
I work for Excelencia because of the organization's profound history and commitment to advancing Latino excellence in higher education. My professional background and personal values align with Excelencia's mission to accelerate Latino student success in higher education and beyond, and I eagerly contribute my skills and knowledge to further support the impactful research for which Excelencia is known.

How would you describe working at Excelencia?
Working at Excelencia is an inspiring experience. The passion my colleagues possess for their work, the communities they intentionally serve, and their genuine care for one another creates an exceptional environment. I feel privileged to collaborate with such a dedicated team on work that resonates deeply with me.

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