Jessica Marie Arguello

Jessica Arguello, Institutional Engagement Coordinator, Excelencia in Education

Jessica Marie Arguello

Institutional Engagement Coordinator

Current Position:
My role in the Institutional Engagement team is to support and coordinate the enrollment, onboarding, and engagement of institutions within the Presidents for Latino Student Success network. I work closely with the team to grow the number of institutions in the network, track engagement, respond to inquiries, and maintain a high year-to-year retention rate.

Past Experiences:
After receiving my undergraduate degree in Social Work (April 2010) from Florida International University, I served as a Research Assistant from 2012-2017 and gained experience in higher education. I then joined the School of Social Work as their Senior Program Coordinator for the Office of Field Education, while obtaining my graduate degree in Higher Education Administration (August 2021). My skills in higher education and social work were guided by professors and mentors that continue to challenge my journey as a life-long student.

Why are you bringing your talent to Excelencia?
I brought my talent and skills to Excelencia in Education, because of my passion for discovering evidence-based practices that transform and accelerate Latino students in higher education. I relate to this organization as a Latina and life-long student of higher education and my goal is to empower others that are motivated to work in this field in transforming the country towards equity and inclusion.

How would you describe working at Excelencia?
Working at Excelencia in Education, feels aspirational on a daily basis. Our organization is working with institutions on a national platform to highlight the success of the transformational journey these institutions are paving. To work with leaders committed and dedicated to the growth of their Latino students is the greatest motivation to continue the mission, vision, and goals of Excelencia in Education.

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