Jessica Leach

Jessica Leach, Grants Manager, Excelencia in Education

Jessica Leach

Grants Manager

Current Position:
As the Grants Manager, Jessica works closely with the Finance and Executive teams to support the administration of grants and contracts. She is responsible for tracking project progress, timely and accurate grant reporting, and supporting development efforts.

Past Experiences:
Jessica has over a decade of experience working at various universities in the United States and Canada in administrative, teaching, and graduate student positions. Before Excelencia, she managed a grants team that administered language preservation grants and contracts for Tribes and First Nations across the United States and Canada. Jessica has a Ph.D. in History from Indiana University Bloomington.

Why are you bringing your talent to Excelencia?
I thrive working with teams of highly motivated and talented individuals, like our team at Excelencia. This position allows me to collaborate closely with leadership and the entire team, which I find motivating and rewarding. My previous work in admissions, standardized testing, and teaching really showed the inequities in higher education, and it is extremely important to me to help make higher education more accessible for all.

How would you describe working at Excelencia?
Working at Excelencia immerses me in a fast-paced and collaborative environment with passionate coworkers. It is refreshing to work for an organization that cares deeply about its mission and its employees. We are offered many opportunities for professional and personal growth, which helps employees better support Excelencia’s mission.

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