Iris Yan


Iris Yan

Research Analyst

Current Position:
As a Research Analyst, Iris collaborates on data collection, analysis, and dissemination of research projects to inform institutional practice and policy with a Latino lens, aligned with Excelencia’s mission of accelerating Latino student success. She plays a pivotal role in coordinating the use of national datasets, management of internal data sets, and conducting analyses that inform higher education issues, such as affordability and institutional capacity. Additionally, she actively contributes to data analysis on topics related to Latinos in higher education and assists in the development of research publications based on Excelencia's four core priorities: affordability, institutional capacity, retention and transfer, and workforce preparation.

Past Experiences:
Iris brings over three years of quantitative research experience to Excelencia, particularly with underrepresented student populations and their persistence in STEM fields. She previously worked as a Research and Data Analyst at Texas A&M University, on a grant project funded by the National Institutes of Health (NIH). Iris earned her Master’s degree in Research, Measurement and Statistics from Texas A&M University at College Station. Her education and experience have equipped her with professional skills and theoretical framework to conduct both quantitative and qualitative research.

Why are you bringing your talent to Excelencia?
Promoting education equity has been a passion of mine for many years. I firmly believe that education is the key to unlocking opportunities for underrepresented populations. Excelencia in Education’s mission to accelerate Latino student success in higher education by promoting institutional practices and educational policies aligns perfectly with my values, as I strive to make higher education a more accessible and equitable place for underrepresented students. I am thrilled at the opportunity of being part of the Excelencia team to make higher education more accessible for Latino students.

How would you describe working at Excelencia?
We are a group of people that share the same values. We believe in Excelencia’s mission and commitment to serve the Latino community. Excelencia encourages everyone to achieve their full potential and succeed. I am honored to be part of the organization, collaborate with my team, and learn from my colleagues and leaders.

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