Cintia Elenstar

Cintia Elenstar, Director of Institutional Programs, Excelencia in Education

Cintia Elenstar

Director of Institutional Programs

Current Position:
As Director of Institutional Programs, Cintia implements strategies to advance and scale three national programs: Examples of Excelencia, Growing What Works, and Programs for Latino Student Success. Cintia supports a team that identifies, aggregates, and promotes evidence-based practices that intentionally SERVE Latino students. She also works collaboratively with Excelencia colleagues to develop engagement opportunities for action-oriented program leaders so that they can leverage their collective expertise and amplify their efforts to accelerate Latino student success.

Past Experiences:
Cintia’s restless curiosity and passion for making a positive difference in the world have led her to explore various professional and personal opportunities. Before joining Excelencia, she was the executive director of a Florida nonprofit supporting primarily low-income Latino students and their families on their journey to higher education, where she established donor management and data collection processes for effective program evaluation and improvement. Prior to this, Cintia served as Education Administrator at a botanical garden, taught English as a second language to new US residents in underserved communities, and worked as a legal assistant supervisor in a Public Defender’s Office. Before coming to the US, Cintia founded and managed a travel company in Argentina and, through this experience, gained insight into the importance of customer service, how to lead a team effectively, and the value of empowering others.

Why are you bringing your talent to Excelencia?
As a first-generation Latina immigrant, I strongly connect with Excelencia’s mission. I have experienced the life-transforming opportunities that higher education brings about, and it is an honor to work alongside a talented and passionate team, practitioners, and institutional leaders to advance educational achievement for Latinos in our nation.

How would you describe working at Excelencia?
A high level of professionalism, commitment to continuous improvement, collaboration, and exemplary leadership is what I experience working at Excelencia. Every day, I am challenged and inspired to do my best. It is energizing to be part of a high-performing team with a strong foundation working towards a common purpose.

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