2021 Examples of Excelencia

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Evidence-based programs that show intentionality in SERVING Latino students

With the belief that good policy is informed by good practice, Excelencia brings national attention to programs that are models of culturally responsive, asset-based efforts with evidence of effectiveness in recruiting, retaining, graduating, and preparing Latino students for success in the workforce. As higher education institutions continue to pivot during these unprecedented times, these programs are a powerful example of what can work for Latino students while serving all.

The 2021 Examples of Excelencia will be selected from 21 finalists among 145 national submissions representing 23 states and Puerto Rico.


The 2021 Examples of Excelencia :



Howard Community College (MD)



Cardinal First

North Central College (IL)



Éxito! Latino Cancer Research Leadership Training

Institute for Health Promotion Research at UT Health San Antonio (TX)

Support Services


Conexión Américas' College Success Program

Conexión Américas (TN)

Support Services

COVER-2021 What Works for Latino Students in Higher Education

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To learn more about additional programs that are improving Latino student success, check out our Growing What Works DatabaseThis database is the only national online, searchable database that serves as a credible resource in identifying what works for Latino students.

Did You Know ...

The four Examples of Excelencia will be selected from over 314 nominations from across the country.