MISS was created in 1990 to address a nationwide concern for a shortage of female students, primarily Latinas, opting for careers in STEM. Research has shown that success in mathematics is key to choosing STEM majors in college. Designed particularly to serve females from underrepresented ethnic groups, for the last twenty-five summers, MISS has been providing an intensive mathematics experience.

The Office of Health Professions Career (OHPC) strives to level the playing field for Hispanic students by providing information, guidance, assistance, premedical studies, and standardized test preparation.

The Case Management Approach to Academic Advising program is part of STC’s Achieving the Dream initiative to undergo a transformational change in addressing the barriers that adversely affect student success.

The vision of the Bronx Institute is to foster and promote equity and excellence in K-16, by involving administrators, teachers, parents and the students themselves in a high quality program that supports and enhances the educational opportunities of the students. The Bronx Institute Latino Collegiate Society serves as a catalyst for bridging the gap between Latino students' reality and their dreams and aspirations.

The mission of the Puerto Rican/Latino Studies Project is to help prepare social workers to completely serve individuals, groups, families, and organizations within Latin@ communities through research, teaching, and service; to increase the advancement of knowledge and research regarding Puerto Rican and Latin@ matters.

Proyecto Pa'Lante is an academic support services program that has historically and continues to provide services primarily to Latino students from Chicago and the surrounding suburbs that demonstrate academic potential, but may not meet general admission requirements.

In 1986, Mother-Daughter Program was developed at the University of Texas El Paso, on the U.S.- Mexico border, as a school retention and college recruitment program for middle-school Hispanic girls who are at risk of dropping out of school before high-school graduation. The Mother-Daughter Program organizes activities to help girls and their mothers work together to set goals that will lead to academic and career success for the girls.

The Montgomery Scholars Program is a rigorous honors program at Montgomery College.  The Scholars spend two years in an intense and nurturing academic environment and are well prepared to transfer to a four-year college or university at the completion of their studies at the community college.  The Scholars learning community offers a corrective to the fragmentation and alienation that students may experience at a commuter college.  This "sup

The Access College and Excel (ACE) scholar program at the University of Texas at San Antonio is uniquely designed for ambitious, talented high school students from predominantly Hispanic inner-city high schools.