In 1994, the Florida Legislature funded a program at the University of Florida College of Dentistry with support from the Florida Board of Dentistry, Department of Professional Regulation, and the Florida Dental Association, to address the need in the State for educating foreign-born and -trained dentists who had legally immigrated to Florida with the knowledge and skills of U.S.

The Institute for Behavioral and Community Health Studies (IBACH) is San Diego State University's largest health research center and is administered through the San Diego State University Research Foundation. Created in 1982, IBACH encourages interdisciplinary collaboration.

The mission of the Puerto Rican/Latino Studies Project is to help prepare social workers to completely serve individuals, groups, families, and organizations within Latin@ communities through research, teaching, and service; to increase the advancement of knowledge and research regarding Puerto Rican and Latin@ matters.

The Colorado Diversity Initiative (CDI) prepares undergraduates for graduate school; recruits and retains a growing number of doctoral students; and prepares recent PhD recipients for faculty positions through elite postdoctoral fellowships.

The graduate programs in the Department of Bilingual Education (DBE) at Boise State University aim to shape leaders in both classroom instruction and advocacy for the linguistically and culturally diverse children of this region and the world. They promote pedagogical innovations to benefit the academic development of all learners, regardless of race, class, gender, age, or special needs.

Founded in 1997 by Dr. Richard Cherwitz in the Office of Graduate Studies, the University of Texas' Intellectual Entrepreneurship Consortium (IE), now part of the Division of Diversity & Community Engagement (DDCE), offers a distinctive vision of education attractive to minorities as well as a unique methodology for expanding the minority graduate applicant pool and improving undergraduate education for all students.

The PsyD program at Our Lady of the Lake has from its inception focused on training practitioners who demonstrate a high level of competence in providing psychological services to diverse client populations.