Con Mi MADRE was founded in 1992 but received its non-profit status in 2009. It is currently the only non-profit in Central Texas that supports and encourages young Latinas in their pursuit of post secondary education while requiring mothers to be a part of the process. The majority of the girls are from low-income backgrounds and are first generation college students.

The Developing Scholars Program (DSP) is an undergraduate research opportunity program for underrepresented students. It is making a major impact on Latino/a graduations at Kansas State University, especially in the biomedical sciences, as we recruit, support, retain, and graduate first-generation, Latino/a students from immigrant families from southwest Kansas and the meatpacking industry and from our urban centers.

The Community Spanish Facilitator Certificate is an 18-credit-hour certificate that prepares its graduates as paraprofessional translators and interpreters in the community. The program was designed to meet the needs of our increasingly international community and our Latino students, who were eager to use their bilingual skills to improve the access of Latinos to basic services (i.e., hospitals, community agencies, legal).