Student Voices - Graduate Support Center, University of the Incarnate Word

The Graduate Support Center was established in 2010 aims to increase the persistence rate of Latino Master’s degree students by implementing academic and support initiatives while integrating engagement of the student’s family. The Center offers an Academic Workshop Series, a Graduate Writing Institute, and Family Orientation to increase student’s educational success. Hispanics represent 48% of master’s degree students.
Hispanic students’ Fall 2011 cohort (three years) persistence to completion rate increased almost double the rate of all master’s students (20% vs. 11%) due to the Center’s work. Further, the Academic Workshops have helped establish a culture of student success with increased attendance (451 to 1,105) and the average attendance at Family Orientation most recently was: 36% parents, 20% children, 19% spouse, 10% sibling, 9% friend, 3% grandparent, and 3% other.
The Graduate Support Center was selected as the 2014 Example at the Graduate Level. Learn more about this program in the Growing What Works Database.