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Excelencia honors and awards its Heart to the past and present team of the Strada Education Network/USAFunds, including Henry Fernandez, Pat Roe, Daryl Graham, Bill Hansen and colleagues, for their leadership and support of research-based, educational practices and strategies. Today’s partnership with Excelencia began when the then USAFunds sought to support organizations that combined research and policy work in key states with large Latino communities. They saw the need and had the vision to consider the fast-growing Latino population and ask about the effectiveness of current strategies with this population.

Over the years and through leadership changes, Strada has sustained a focus on innovation and equity and invested in Excelencia’s important research, policy work and evidence-based practices to advance Latino success in the workforce. Excelencia is proud to recognize and honor the Strada Education Network for its visionary focus and consistent support of improving Latino student success to ensure America’s future.


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