February 2011

A collaboration among 60 national partners, the Roadmap for Ensuring America's Future is a tool for stimulating and facilitating dialogue in communities across the nation about action needed to increase degree attainment generally, and Latino degree attainment specifically. 

  • Latino students are more likely to be non-traditional students, so state and institutional initiatives that focus on those students can make a big difference
  • Colleges and universities should focus on policies that increase retention while ensuring high quality learning outcomes for working students in good standing, increase early college high schools and dual enrollment programs, and guarantee need-based aid for qualified students.
  • Community leaders can do more to inform parents and family members about the pathway to college, about the learning outcomes students need to achieve in college, and to engage their community in supporting college access high quality learning and degree attainment.
  • Historically, the federal government has focused on college access and opportunity through financial aid (Pell grants and Stafford Loans) and support programs (e.g., GEAR Up and TRIO). However, for America to lead the world in college degrees, the federal government must also focus on college retention, participation in practices that produce both persistence and high quality learning, and degree attainment.
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Roadmap for Ensuring America's Future by Increasing Latino College Completion

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Executive Summary - Roadmap for Ensuring America's Future by Increasing Latino College Completion