These fact sheets provide information on HSIs, such as location, governance, admissions, overview, history, definition, emerging HSIs, and HSIs with graduate programs. The list of institutions identified as HSIs in this analysis is not intended to designate eligibility for any specific program; rather, the lists are meant to assist in considering and analyzing the institutions that meet the basic legislative definition of a Hispanic-Serving Institution.

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More information is available in the Condition of Latinos in Education: 2015 Factbook.


Fact Sheets include:   

HSI Fact Sheet – In 2012-13, there were 370 HSIs located in 15 states and Puerto Rico, representing 11% of all institutions of higher education. Over half (59%) of the Latino undergraduates were enrolled at HSIs during this time.


HSIs 2012-13 – Summary of the 370 institutions identified as HSIs in 2012-13. The defining characteristic of HSIs is their Hispanic enrollment, not their institutional mission.


HSIs with Graduate Programs – Summary of the 139 institutions identified as HSIs with Graduate Programs in 2012-13.


Emerging HSIs: 2012-13 – Summary of the 277 institutions identified as Emerging HSIs in 2012-13. While emerging HSIs do not have the critical mass of Latino student enrollment required to meet the definition of an HSI, these institutions may soon meet the criteria as their enrollment grows and Latino representation increases.


For additional information on Hispanic-Serving Institutions and tools to help “serve” Latinos students in higher education, please visit the Excelencia in Education Hispanic-SERVING Institutions Center for Policy and Practice (HSI-CP2).


For an interactive tool to view Latino student success by state, please visit Latino College Completion: United States

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Fact sheets: HSIs Profile: 2012-13 - 2015 Condition of Latinos in Education: 2015 Factbook

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