Latinos in K-12 Education

Latinos in K-12 Education

Emily Calderón Galdeano
Morgan Taylor
January 2015


The fact sheets in this section offer information about Latino students within the K-12 education pipeline.


Fact Sheets include:

Latinos in Elementary Education – This fact sheet includes information on the population, enrollment and educational achievement of Latino students in kindergarten through 8th grade.

Latinos in Secondary Education – This fact sheet provides a snapshot on the population, academic achievement, academic preparation and college-going rates of Latino students in 9th through 12th grades.

K-12 Enrollment of Latinos by State: 2011-12 – This fact sheet provides total and Hispanic K-12 enrollment by state in 2011-12. States are ranked by the total number of K-12 Hispanic students enrolled. Nearly half (49%) of all Latino K-12 students were enrolled in two states: California and Texas.

Graphic pop-up featuring Latino College Completion