Central Appalachia is not frequently considered when talking about the growth in the Latino population in the United States; however, some of the states in this region have the fastest growing Latino populations in the country.

For Appalachian College Association (ACA) member institutions to better understand the environment in which they find themselves and the future they can anticipate in regards to their growing service areas, an accurate profile of Latinos is needed. Excelencia in Education and ACA composed this summary profile of the current Latino population, college enrollment, and college completion for ACA states and member institutions at three levels—state, metropolitan area, and institution. In addition, promising practices from several institutions located in Appalachian states showing evidence of effectiveness in enrolling, retaining, and/or graduating Latino students are highlighted.

  • Community
  • College Completion
  • Institutional Practices
  • Education Pathways


The ARC (Access, Retention, and Completion) of Success for Latino Students in Appalachia: A Summary Profile

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