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The Lawrence Campus Student Success Center (SSC) was created in 2011 to address the multiple needs of Latino students using a holistic, personal case management approach to connect students to programs and services to strengthen their academic and leadership skills, reinforce positive behaviors, and build strong support networks that promote student success. Services include college prep programs, counseling referrals to social services, and career exploration & planning. There are two additional components to the Student Success Center. There is a 2 week Summer Bridge Program for incoming Latino students to get them acquainted with the rigors of college, provide English/Math remediation, and build skills more appropriate for college level work. And there is The Early Success (Alert) program, which is designed to identify students with academic or personal struggles & connect them to resources to positively impact their academic performance and retention.

Program Description

The Center’s mission is student retention—to eliminate barriers and build bridges for Latino student success. Their goals are to develop strong academic skills, positive behavior, and a support network to help manage challenges. They connect students to resources within the college and community to increase academic performance. Career exploration, planning and preparation are provided to students so that they may choose a program and career path based on their interests, strengths and lifestyles. They also look to provide the Early Success program where they identify students at the first sign of struggle who arrive to college underprepared and without the necessary support networks needed for success and connect them to services.


SSC serves around 600 students per year, mostly Latinos.

  • The SSC Early Success cohort, part of the initial pilot in Fall 2011, had 98 students.
  • The program was scaled up in 2012, and in Fall 2013, Hispanics were 52% of the 1,121 total students.
  • When compared to Latinos not using SSC services, those using services showed an 8% higher course completion rate and a 19% higher retention rate in Fall 2013.
  • In Fall 2014 Latino students using services showed an 11% higher course completion rate and a 19% higher retention rate than Latinos not using services.
  • The SSC increased outreach and training on NECC’s Early Success Program; within 1 semester faculty participation in the program grew to 49%. The system is being scaled up to include all NECC students in Fall 2015.
  • Since 2012, 38 Latino students have participated in the SSC Summer Bridge Program. After 2 weeks, 13 students reassessed into higher-level Math and Writing courses.
  • In 3 short years, 18 of them have been placed on the Dean’s list. In Fall 2014 alone, 14 Bridge students received this distinction. Sixty six percent (66%) continue to be enrolled at the college, 13% have transferred or graduated totaling a 79% retention rate.