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The STEM Articulation program aims to provide students interested in the STEM fields with on-going student support in the form of academic assistance in bridging the transition to college and progressing to a seamless transfer to a four-year university. Structured as a community of scholars, the program supports students entering the community college seeking degrees in the sciences, technology, engineering, and mathematics fields, particularly Hispanic students. The STEM program consisted of one main activity with four interrelated components:

C1: Academic enhancement and academic success through Summer Bridge programs in STEM.

C2: Student support for STEM majors in the form of academic advising.

C3: Developing and implementing a model transfer program to accelerate transfer and connection, and completion of STEM degrees.

C4: Using data to improve decision making and increase student success.

Program Description

The Project was created as part of a Title III HSI STEM Articulation Grant and introduced students to STEM disciplines and careers. It incorporated a Summer Bridge experience for incoming college freshmen, which focused on academic preparedness, hands on STEM activities, and developing student interpersonal skills needed to succeed in college. Throughout the years, students received academic advising, tutoring, and mentoring, academic assistance in bridging the transition to college and progressing to a seamless transfer to a four-year university with an undergraduate research component.


STEM Summer Bridge- Data indicated a positive trend in student participation by cohort.

  • In 2014, 56% percent of the established cohort participated in the summer bridge program.
  • For 2017 cohort 100% attended the summer bridge activity

Students Served: 546 (Cohorts I-V) with 2017 Summer Bridge 117 equals 663 participants combined 610 were Full-time (91.7%) 31 Part-time (4.7%). Approximately 97.1% were Hispanic (n = 539)

Retention Rate per cohort (There was a drop in retention rates due to the increase of students completing the core and transferring to the universities faster. The totals dropped due to students in later cohorts graduating/transferring earlier than previous cohorts.)

  • 2012=83.5%
  • 2013=77.4%
  • 2014=73.5%
  • 2015=76.5%

Graduation Rates:

  • 43.7% compared to the institution's baseline of 19%.

Of 546 students participating in the STEM Program, 239 (43.8%) students have graduated with an Associate in Science (n = 177), Associate in Arts (n = 52) or an Associates in Applied Science Degree (n = 10) with Mean graduating GPA 3.37.

STEM student participants graduated at an average of 3.31 semesters (1-2 years) faster than non-STEM articulation students.

Transfer Rates:

  • Of the 546 students, a total of 210 (38.5%) students have transfer to both 2 and 4-year institutions to complete their bachelor’s degree.
  • Mean transfer GPA 3.36