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The TRIO Student Support Services (SSS) Program works with 160 first-generation, low-income, and students with disabilities at California State University Channel Islands (CI). The Priority Pass Program, launched in 2011 within SSS, is a key tool used to track the services received by SSS students and individualize the college experience for students. Currently, there are six priority passes, each designed to meet the needs of the students at varying points in their educational experience. Each pass requires meetings with an Academic Advisor and an SSS Counselor, attending 1-2 academic development workshop(s), and additional required activities, such as: volunteer hours, one-on-one meetings with each professor, and a resume clinic. Each student is able to individualize their college experience by completing the tasks required with their skills and interests in mind, resulting in a personalized academic success plan.

Program Description

The mission of SSS at CI is to increase the retention and graduation rates of first-generation, low-income, and/or students with disabilities. The goal of SSS is for students to successfully complete the requirements for a baccalaureate degree and continue on to graduate school. The program’s objectives are as follows: 1) 90% of SSS students will be in good academic standing; 2) 72% of SSS students will persist from one academic year to next or graduate during the academic year; and 3) 72% of SSS students will graduate with a bachelor’s degree within six years.


CI is a recognized Hispanic-Serving Institution with 46% of its students identifying as Latino. Since its start, the SSS program has served 322 students, with 160 currently still enrolled:

  • 73% of students identify as Hispanic/Latino.
  • 81% of SSS students served are first-generation and low-income students, 4% are low-income only, 11% are first-generation only, and 5% are disabled and/or disabled and low-income.
  • 151 students have graduated within six years of starting the program.
  • The average GPA of SSS students is a 2.95, which is higher than other SSS-eligible students who are not being served (2.57 GPA).
  • 98% of enrolled SSS students are in good academic standing, exceeding their goal of 90%. 95% of SSS students persist from one academic year to the next or graduate during the academic year, exceeding the goal of 72%.
  • In 2015, the SSS Center, a home base for students that provides computers, printers, and study space, had over 4,000 visits. All SSS students are strongly encouraged to complete the Priority Pass and on average 65% of actively enrolled SSS Students complete the SSS Priority Pass each semester.