SLAM (South Los Angeles Math) Project

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The SLAM Program is a strategic partnership between College Bridge, The Los Angeles Unified School District (LAUSD), and The California State University, Los Angeles (CSULA). SLAM offers LAUSD students the opportunity to enroll in CSULA's MATH 109 (Statistics) course, which is co-taught by a LAUSD teacher and a CSULA professor. Students who successfully complete the course, earn college math credit and satisfy all remediation requirements across all 23 CSU campuses. This galvanizes their college matriculation rates and shortens their time to degree considerably. The program is sustainable because teachers who participate in the program are allowed to continue teaching college classes for credit to high school students with the supervision of the University.

Program Description

SLAM's overarching goal is to learn the best practices to increase college access and success for under-represented students. SLAM aims to: 1) Increase the pass rate of MATH 109; 2) Increase the graduation rate of students; 3) Increase the college matriculation rate of students; 4) Increase Cohort 1’s college persistence from year 2 to year 3; 5) Increase Cohort 1’s number of credits toward degree; 6) Increase the number of credits toward degree of Cohorts 2 and 3; 7) Decrease the time to college degree completion with graduation rates.


As of 2016, 169 students from six cohorts in three urban LAUSD high schools have participated in the project.

When compared to a control group of students in the LAUSD high schools:

  • Cohorts 1-3 had a college matriculation rate of 82% compared to an average of 54% for the schools served;
  • Cohorts 1-3 had a college math remediation rate of 30% compared to 76% for the control group;
  • Cohort 1 had a 100% persistence rate from year 1 to year 2 in college (n=27).