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The Linda Lorelle Scholarship Fund (LLSF) provides college scholarships to a population of students often overlooked by other scholarship funds in the Greater Houston area. Many of the students have average grades, yet they have a burning desire to go to college and are capable of succeeding if given the support and encouragement they so desperately need. The scholarships become part of each student’s overall financial aid package and are sizeable enough ($5,000 - $15,000 each) to enable students to pay for a major part of their tuition and books. LLSF provides additional tools through their SMART Seminar Series where they provide mandatory, monthly training during each scholar's senior year of high school. (Educational materials for Latino students are offered in both Spanish and English.) Throughout their scholar's college career they monitor student's academic progress by evaluating their tuition request form each semester, which shows current contact information, current GPA, what classes they are enrolled in, and what their major/minor is. This allows LLSF to monitor and provide students with support as needed, ranging from the occasional phone call and cards of encouragement to assisting with a financial or personal challenge.

Program Description

Program Mission: To increase post-secondary matriculation in the Greater Houston area by preparing students not just for college, but for life.


  1. Students will complete the required developmental sequence (SMART Series) and enroll in a post-secondary institution.
  2. To facilitate successful college transition, retention, and completion.
  3. To facilitate successful career placement upon college graduation.


Data acquired through the tuition request forms helps the LLSF track student persistence and success:


  • 57% are first generation college students.
  • 44.5% self-identify as Latino.

Scholars that have completed the Linda Lorelle Scholarship Fund’s Scholarship/College Preparation and Life Skills Training program preform significantly better than their peers, with measured outcomes for Latino students equivalent or better than the overall LLSF scholar population:

  • 100% of LLSF scholars graduate on time from high school and 99% successfully enroll into post-secondary education.
  • 85% of LLSF scholars graduate from college within six years of their freshman semester. The metric rates are identical for the general LLSF scholar population and Latino scholar population.
  • The Average LLSF scholar GPA is 3.09, Latino LLSF scholar's GPAs are comparable at 3.07