Pre-Medical and Health Scholars Program

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First Year Support,


Pre-Health Scholars Program including a summer orientation for incoming freshmen, parental outreach, and on-going support services including seminars, advising, and tutoring for the purpose of diversifying the healthcare workforce.

Program Description

Increase retention and academic success of Latino, low income, 1st generation college going pre-health students enrolled at Fresno State.


The University of California San Fransisco Fresno Latino Center for Medical Research has a record of achievement working with young, disadvantaged students, primarily Latino, and developing academically rigorous programs to empower students. Twenty-six students received tutorial services. Of these students, 60 percent received a grade of B or higher based on the semester evaluations, tutorial sessions were highly rated. Students noted that they enjoyed the convenience of having their own tutors and that the tutors were highly knowledgeable in their subject areas. In Spring 2010, there were 51 students enrolled in the program. The student numbers have remained steady and program retention is high. Currently, there are four students in the health professional school application process. Demonstrated success with programs for middle school, high school and collegiate disadvantaged students; Doctor Academy accomplished a 100% high school graduation and college acceptance rate, 94% retention rate for those students enrolled the past two years in the Pre-Medical Scholars Program.