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The project includes a student support and retention model to engage, prepare and mobilize a minimum of 200 first-generation Latino students through additional support of student leaders/interns, events to increase awareness of available services, and supplemental instruction in key gateway courses.

Program Description

Through the Office of Hispanic Outreach integrating services project the University plans to develop a model for expanding proven institutional practices and strategies in the areas of advising, supplemental education, student services and academic support so that student persistence and graduation rates improve among first-generation Latino college-goers. This project will also provide tutoring and academic support for a minimum 70 first-generation Latino students to support retention and college success.


There was a significant increase in the number of visits, appointments, and communications to the Office of Hispanic Outreach. There was also an increase in the number of students who registered to receive communication. The office served 818 students in Fall 2010; 1,577 in Spring 2011; and 1,307 in Summer 2011.

Students who participated in tutorials and supplemental instruction had a higher percentage pass rate than those that did not participate. All of these efforts resulted in gains made by Hispanic males whose retention rate was reported at 73%, higher than White and African American males.

First-Time Full-Time (FTFT) retention rate also improved by 6 percent over the previous year.

The FTFT retention rate for Hispanic Freshman increased by 12 percent from the beginning to the end of the grant. (61% in Fall 2009 to 73% in Fall 2010). The University also saw an 18 percent increase in the 6-year graduation rate.