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The mission of the Enlace Program is to help Chicanx/Latinx students successfully complete the academic core (English, Math, and Science) and to guide Chicanx/Latinx students effectively through transfer and occupational courses in a timely manner​. Enlace, which began in 1983, is an academic program supported by counseling, tutoring, community mentoring, and student organizations.  Enlace serves underrepresented Chicanx/Latinx  students of San José and nearby communities.

Program Description

Enlace is a multi-service program blending academic instruction and support services. The program offers counseling; mentoring; supplemental instruction; peer tutoring; along with English, Math and Science transferable courses. All courses have a community learning approach. Classes offered are culturally validating and affirming to Latinx students. The primary three program practices are teaching, counseling and increasing educational opportunities to Latinx students in a timely manner.   


  • Increase course success rates: From Fall 2001 to Fall 2004, 893 Enlace Latino/a students had a 76% course success rate. During the same period, 2,321 Latino/a students enrolled in non-Enlace courses had a success rate of 55%.
  • Increase graduation and transfer rates: In Spring 2020, 65 Enlace students graduated with a degree and 62 transferred

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