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Then Evergreen Valley College faculty and community members understood the disadvantages Latino students faced when passing their English courses. Adopting the Puente model and adding a math component, the Enlace program has been around for over 30 years. The program matriculates and retains Latino/a students and enables them to complete their English, math, science, and guidance courses and helping them complete an associate degree or transfer into a four-year institution. 

Program Description

The primary three program practices of Enlace are teaching, counseling, and increasing educational opportunities to Latinx students. In addition to their program practices, Enlace also provides academic instruction and support services. Offering counseling, mentoring, supplemental instruction, and peer tutoring. The program offers transferable English, math, and science courses, preparing students to enter a four-year institution. Additionally, while taking their courses, students are provided a learning community that culturally validates and affirms them.


  • Increase course success rates: From Fall 2001 to Fall 2004, 893 Enlace Latino/a students had a 76% course success rate. During the same period, 2,321 Latino/a students enrolled in non-Enlace courses had a success rate of 55%.
  • Increase graduation and transfer rates: In Spring 2020, 65 Enlace students graduated with a degree and 62 transferred