Engineering and Computer Science Scholars Program

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Learning communities model that integrates interventions for four different support areas for the purpose of promoting academic success of first-time Latino students in the engineering field.

Program Description

Increase retention and academic success of first-year Latino students in the College of Engineering and Computer Science. Identification of specific interventions, including tutoring, study groups, and service learning opportunities to acclimate first-year Latino students to college life.


California State University-Fullerton and the College of Engineering and Computer Science have a history of providing support services and a welcoming atmosphere to support student success. There is a record of success with Upward Bound, Gear UP, Talent Search, and AmeriCorps/ NSF supported programming to improve retention for first-generation Latino students. 24 students participated during the spring semester. 80% of the participating students were retained. Another 28 students were scheduled to participate in fall 2010.