EDGE: Engage, Develop, Grow, Empower

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The mission of the EDGE program is to increase student success and mitigate achievement gaps in access, basic skills, retention, persistence, and completion. To achieve this mission, the EDGE program provides students with a structured on boarding process to help eliminate confusion during the matriculation process. The program consists of a three-week summer bridge designed to reduce pre-collegiate coursework as well as first and second year comprehensive wrap-around support services to increase success and persistence and financial support to eliminate barriers.

Program Description

EDGE: Engage, Develop, Grow, Empower is a three-week program offering a fast-paced review of basic skills in math and English/reading. Students attend a rigorous review of subject-specific content and counseling sessions, learn about campus resources and special programs, and build lasting connections. At the end of the program, students retake the placement test with the opportunity to remove some, or all, of the basic skills courses required to enroll in college-level courses. EDGE students are also provided with first and second year support services, including student success coaching, financial aid assistance, peer mentoring, follow-up calls, early alert monitoring, and counseling. Students are offered 3 workshops during the semester focusing on transfer, career, time management, and study tips. The college recently created a sister program to EDGE in 2017 called plEDGE, plEDGE offers incoming students free tuition and fees for two years to remove financial barriers many students face.


EDGE students persist from fall to spring at higher rates than non-EDGE students. 

Persistence rates for EDGE compared to non-EDGE students

  • 81% to 77% in 2012
  • 91% to 75% in 2013
  • 88% to 79% in 2014
  • 86% to 77% in 2015
  • 87% to 72% in 2016
  • 88% to 66% in 2017

Comparing persistence rates of Hispanic first- time students who completed EDGE, to Hispanic first-time college students who did not complete EDGE, the results show Hispanic EDGE students persist at higher rates.

  • 95% to 77% in 2013
  • 88% to 79% in 2014
  • 85% to 77% in 2015
  • 89% to 73% in 2016

Since 2012, Hispanic/Latino student headcount increased by 36%. In EDGE 2016, 87% are Hispanic/Latino as compared to 69% for the general student population. Of the total students completing the placement exam in fall 2012, 92% placed in pre-collegiate math, 82% in pre-collegiate English, and 73% in pre-collegiate reading.