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Catch the Next, Inc. (CTN) is a data-driven college readiness and completion organization empowering students to catch college and career dreams. In Texas, 70% of community college students and 40% of university students are not college ready and need some type of remedial/developmental education. To improve these measures Catch the Next partners with local community colleges to focus on improving the rate at which students access credit-granting coursework. CTN’s learning approach breaks down institutional silos to improve students’ first year experience. By combining empathetic and accelerated instruction with intentionally coordinated student support services and community mentoring, CTN’s approach provides students with a strong and sustaining start to their college careers, facilitating transfer readiness and developing marketable career skills. All member-college practitioners participate in rigorous and sustained professional development, and member institutions are supported by CTN’s network of peer mentors and a Knowledge Development Work Group.

Program Description

CTN’s partnership is focused on the development of students and faculty, to improve individual and institutional performance and effectiveness. With their partners, CTN has created a team of “dream catchers” helping students capture their dream of a higher education, with the goal of increasing the educational attainment of Latinos. CTN goals:1. Have at least 70% of students out off developmental education in one semester2. Get students in the first credit English composition course with the same instructor and succeed (grade of C or higher)3. Increase retention and completion rate of associate degrees in less than six years4. Help students transfer to a four-year university.


Data on program success is based on two courses, Integrated Reading and Writing (INRW), which were two classes, but were combined to accelerate exit out of developmental education, and English Composition I. The average pass rate in the past three years collectively across all Dream Catcher Students (DCS) is 84 percent; Average pass rates for DCS at three partner institutions between Fall 2012 – Fall 2016 (90% of students served are Latino) is below: El Paso Community College (ECC) (DCS students at this institution are 100% Latino) Average pass rate for INRW: 85% of DCS compared to 73% of all of ECC Average pass rate for English: 77% of DCS compared to 65% of all of ECC Palo Alto Community College (PAC) (DCS students at this institution are 99% Latino) Average pass rate for INRW: 78% of DCS compared to 61% of all of PAC Average pass rate for English: 77% of DCS compared to 62% of all of PAC South Texas College (STC) (DCS students at this institution are 99% Latino) Average pass rate for INRW: 86% of DCS compared to 68% of all of STC Average pass rate for English: 69% of DCS compared to 56% of all of STC.