College Assistance Migrant Program-University of Washington

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The College Assistance Migrant Program (CAMP) at the University of Washington (UW) started in July 2010. CAMP assists first-year college students that come from migrant/seasonal farmworker backgrounds attend the UW and continue in postsecondary education. This past year, CAMP served 52 students, with 51 that identify as Latino. UW CAMP works with campus faculty, student services, and community-based agencies to help CAMP students persist through their first year of college and graduate with baccalaureate degrees. UW CAMP students receive multiple services, including: help with UW admissions application, access to research and internships/job opportunities, cultural/social activities, mentoring, counseling/academic advising, tutoring/instructional support, and a $1,200 participation stipend (may be used to cover any attendance cost).

Program Description

UW CAMP strives to provide individuals who identify as migrant and/or seasonal farmworkers with tools to assist with their transition to college, as well as offer academic support during their first-year at UW. CAMP’s goal is to provide holistic services to their students and support them through college graduation.


98.7 % of students served since the program began are Latino. CAMP's first cohort started the program in 2010. Of those 50 students, all of whom are Latino, 88% of them graduated. The graduation rate for all Freshmen Latino students at UW is 78%. Over the last five years, 98% of students that participate in the UW CAMP program completed their first year of college and continued onto their second year of higher education. As of September 1, 2017, 155 UW CAMP students have earned a UW baccalaureate degree, not including students that have earned AA and BA degrees elsewhere. CAMP alumni created the Leaders Del Futuro organization on campus that supports mentoring of URM undergraduate students UW CAMP conducts yearly outreach to a minimum of 1,500 high school students across Washington state. Yearly, UW CAMP attends over 45 events/college fairs.