College Academy for Parents (CAP) Expansion Model

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Support Services
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Parental/Family Engagement


College Academy for Parents (CAP) is a college outreach program utilizing parent advocates that lead bilingual workshops at area schools.

Program Description

Increase parents' understanding of the benefits of college and their role in influencing their children's academic success. Increase parents' understanding of high school courses and grade requirements and the college application and scholarship process. Facilitate parents' leadership in promoting college knowledge to other parents. Increase student preparation and enrollment in college.


College Academy for Parents (CAP) has been recognized as a model program for the past six years for Latino family outreach and has produced a positive impact on retention rate of underrepresented students. CAP provided workshops at eight sites in a bilingual format within four school districts (up from one school district). Through the grant, the program was expanded to include 10th graders. CAP doubled their graduates from six years ago to 121 participants. High school staff was engaged in the delivery of the workshops. The CAP Expansion Model will incorporate a Parent-to-Parent component to expand family outreach efforts. CAP has had a successful experience producing results with the Math, Engineering, Science Achievement (MESA) Program, New Start Summer Program, Success Express Program, and McNair Achievement Program. The program also developed videos to explain the path to college.