CMAS Academic Achievers Program (AAP)

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The mission of the Center for Mexican American Studies (CMAS) Academic Achievers Program (AAP) at the University of Houston is to increase Latino student retention and graduation through scholarship awards, tutoring, time management skills, mentoring and leadership training. Latino graduates become mentors and models to younger students and help contribute program efforts

Program Description

The Academic Achievers Program (AAP) was created to increase the educational attainment level of the Latino community by reducing the high school dropout rate and increasing the number of Latino students who attend and graduate from the University of Houston or other institutions of higher education. AAP facilitates academic performance of Latino students through unique program services to obtain a high school diploma and to be accepted to a higher education institution. AAP provides after school tutoring, mentoring by university students, skills and personal development workshops, community service opportunities, leadership retreats and a 6 week summer session at the University of Houston. Students who are accepted into the Academic Achievers Program at UH receive an annual scholarship of $3,000; In addition, AAP-UH provides academic tutoring, time management, mentoring, career and internship guidance, leadership retreats and community service opportunities. They require AAP-UHstudents to take a minimum of one course in Mexican American & Latino studies.


Independent program assessments are conducted every two years by the UH Office of Institutional Research to measure AAP effectiveness:

  • 97% of AAP high school students (8 cohorts) have enrolled at an institution of higher education. 57% of participants of the high school program have been admitted to UH, the rest have been admitted to other institutions.
  • Student college graduation rates: From 1996 to 2009, all AAP students had an average six -year graduation rate of 67% compared to 39.3% for non-AAP UH Latino students during that time span
  • College enrollment rates: Since 1996, a total of 340 UH students have been admitted to AAP, the majority of which are females. On average, AAP-UH admits 19 new members each year.
  • ┬áStudent academic performance: AAP-UH students' average GPA score 3.26 compared to UH Latinos 2.82. UH overall average GPA is 2.90. AAP students come to UH with lower SAT scores but end up outperforming other UH Latinos.
  • Student progress toward graduation: Total AAP-UH graduates 275. AAP students pass more term credit hours for progress than other UH Latino students. 67% of students obtain a bachelor's degree within 4 to 6 years and 30% obtain post baccalaureate degrees.