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TRM’s Believe & Achieve program seeks to increase the number of high school graduates and empower them to pursue and succeed in post- secondary enrollment. In order for students to receive access to financial support from the program, they must complete program requirements, including 10 college/career prep workshops, leadership/character development, 10 hours of social/emotional enrichment, and 20 hours of community service per year.

Program Description

Since 1983, Believe & Achieve has promoted college/career readiness to primarily Latino students in grades 6-12. College-age Latinos are our region’s fastest growing population, yet have the lowest rate of post-secondary enrollment. Because of our students’ socio-economic backgrounds, they need more than academic assistance and college prep to access college. They need structure and accountability, positive role models, social-emotional support, and life skills. The program provides ten college campus tours, college/career prep workshops, leadership/character development, exploration of STEAM career fields, social/emotional counseling, financial education, paid internship/community service opportunities, mentors, and $4,000 scholarship.

TRM intentionally takes students on multiple out-of-state college trips to expose students to options beyond our region. Colleges are chosen based on student interest and ability to support minority and/or low-income students. Additionally, TRM provides positive role models through mentors, TRM alumni, staff, and volunteers. Lastly, we know family is an essential part of the Latino culture and family buy-in is key to a child’s success. As such, all TRM family members are provided exposure to college/career options.


Believe & Achieve students significantly exceed local, state, and national high school graduation and college enrollment rates. 96% of B&A students are Latino.

Since 2004, TRM students have maintained an average graduation rate of 95%, with 100% graduating in 2018, compared to just 62% of West Dallas Latino adults, 85.5% of Latinos attending West Dallas’ local high school, 87.25% in the district, and 88.6% in Texas.

40% of the Class of 2019 will be the first in their family to graduate.

On average 93% of B&A Latino students enroll in college and attend their first semester each year, with 100% enrolling in 2018.

Students were accepted to 93% of the colleges to which they applied.

While 80% of Texas Hispanics remain at home for college, leading to less campus engagement and greater likelihood of under-matching and dropout, B&A student enrollment in non-local colleges has increased 60%.