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The Alamo Colleges District is comprised of five colleges that serve approximately 60,000 students, of which 62% are Latino. AlamoADVISE, an intrusive, intentional case management model, was launched to facilitate and support student transition from outreach to credential completion. The model requires certified advisors and students to meet at designated touch-points to monitor progress, identify challenges, and design strategies to maintain momentum to completion and transfer/employment. Advisors are trained in holistic advising to support individual student needs, including developing individual success plans and implementing strategies to support Latino students. Throughout their journey, advisors celebrate each student’s achievement of milestones including completion of 15, 30, and 45 hours and completion of certificates and degrees.

Program Description

The model is designed to provide a student with a personalized pathway through academic/career advising resulting in completion of a credential. Program goals include:

1. Attain a student to advisor ratio of 1:350 in five years
2. Ensure each student has an assigned advisor by achieving a caseload of 99%
3. Ensure all Advisors complete competency based training within one year of employment
4. Increase fall to spring and fall to fall persistence
5. Increase certificate/degree completion


The program goals of advisor to student ratio, as well as case loading and advisor training have been met and are demonstrating positive results related to Latino student success in persistence and completion. Student to advisor ratio of 1:350 within five years.

• The advisor to student ratio prior to implementation was 1:900, within three years the program has attained a ratio of 1:358. Advisor caseload of 99%
• The program has achieved a caseload rate of 99% each semester across the five colleges. Equity data confirms that the percentage of Latino students assigned to an advisor matches the 62% of Latino students enrolled. All advisors complete a competency based training within one year of employment
• The program achieved this goal by meeting or exceeding the target in Year 1 and Year 2. Total advisors trained and assessed to date is 117. Increase fall to spring and fall to fall persistence
• Fall to spring persistence for all students remained fairly steady for the past three years, at 77.4% to 78.1%. Latino student persistence for that same period has also remained fairly steady but has exceeded that of all students at 78%.
• Fall to fall persistence for the past three years has increased for all students from 56% to 58%. Increase certificate and degree completion
• Total degrees and certificates awarded between FY2013 and FY2016 have increased from 6,371 to 12,009, resulting in an increase over 88%. In that period, the percentage of Latino students completing a credential has increased from 56% to 62%.