Presidents for Latino Student Success Comments to the Class of 2020 Latino College Graduates


Hear motivational and congratulatory messages from Presidents For Latino Student Success to the Class of 2020 Latino college graduates.


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“You are the leaders we all know will help us realize a more just and equitable future.”

- Erika Beck, President, CSU-CI (Seal of Excelencia Certified) & President for Latino Student Success



“Know that you have achieved something that extends well beyond your graduation. You have earned an education that is going to serve you for the rest of your lives.”

- Javier Cevallos, President of Framingham State University & President For Latino Student Success



“I know you missed a big event this year because of the public health crisis, but we're together with you. We're so proud of you. And this too shall pass. You are going to do great things with your life.”

- Shirley Collado, President, Ithaca College & President For Latino Student Success



“The true spirit of America and all that it has for the future is being realized by so many young people who are able to move forward and graduate.”

- Michael Crow, President of Arizona State University (Seal of Excelencia Certified) & President for Latino Student Success



“Class of 2020, congratulations. Your perseverance has paid off. The word that comes to mind is 'ganas'. We all believe you are ready to go out and change the world.”

- Taylor Eighmy, President, The University of Texas-San Antonio & President For Latino Student Success



“My grandmother shared words of wisdom with me that I’d like to pass on to you. She said, ‘Prepárate para la vida,’ Prepare yourself for life.”

- Angela Garcia Falconetti, President of Polk State College & President For Latino Student Success



“You’ve proven yourselves that you have the perseverance, that you have the persistence, that you can do whatever you put your mind to.”

- Richard Rhodes, President & CEO of Austin Community College (Seal of Excelencia Certified) & President for Latino Student Success



“Congratulations to you and your family members on this amazing achievement. Keep on working. Never give up. Continue to serve your communities.”

- Havidán Rodríguez, President of SUNY-Albany & President for Latino Student Success



“Our country needs what you graduates offer: Hard work. Great ideas. Diverse perspective. And a commitment to the greater good. Remember, 'No pares.¡Sigue!”

- Mark Rosenberg, President, Florida International University (FIU) (Seal of Excelencia certified) & President For Latino Student Success




“Your hard work, sacrifice and dedication is a tribute to your brilliant character and honors the support of your familias and friends who helped you complete this stage of your academic journey.”

- Juan Sánchez Muñoz, President of University of Houston Downtown & President for Latino Student Success




“Your class will forever be known for your resilience and your effort to get to this point. We look forward to the amazing accomplishments of your future.”

- William Serrata, President, El Paso Community College (Seal of Excelencia certified), Chair of the Excelencia Board of Directors, & President For Latino Student Success




“This was not the graduation celebration you expected, but don’t let that diminish the pride you feel or lessen your sense of accomplishment.”

- Cynthia Teniente-Matson, President, Texas A&M University-San Antonio & President for Latino Student Success



“You are not alone. We see you and we are with you. Your accomplishment will extend beyond graduation.”

- Robert Vela, President, San Antonio College & President for Latino Student Success