Thomas Rivera

Thomas Rivera, Special Assistant to the President, Excelencia in Education

Thomas Rivera

Special Assistant to the President & Board Liaison

Current Position:
As Special Assistant to the President, Thomas directly supports the President across all activities as well as implementation of activities with Excelencia partners, including institutional and community leaders and elected officials. As Board Liaison, Thomas works as the primary point of contact for the Board of Directors and works closely with the Board, Board Committees, the President, and the CEO to ensure that all governance matters are handled smoothly and effectively.

Past Experiences:
Prior to Excelencia, Thomas worked as Legislative Assistant and Correspondence Manager for Representative Gilbert R. Cisneros, Jr., taking on a legislative portfolio that included policy work in diversity, energy/environment, and small business.

Why are you bringing your talent to Excelencia?
Thomas is a proud Latino, first-generation college graduate. He appreciates the support he received for his academic success and believes in paying it forward. He comes to Excelencia to change the narrative toward one that views Latino students as an asset. Through Excelencia, Thomas hopes to advocate for opportunities that improve Latino student success and meet our nation's future needs.

How would you describe working at Excelencia?
Thomas describes working at Excelencia as inspiring. It is a small team taking on a mighty effort on a national scale. It is a people and mission-driven enterprise keeping pace with changing times.

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