Some believe a focus on race and ethnicity divides us as a society. At Excelencia in Education, we believe acknowledging racial and ethnic trends describes our society in useful ways. Using data and analysis to identify factors that influence the success of specific student populations establishes the base line information from which to develop more effective policies, engage diverse stakeholders, and enhance the active and tactical responses needed to better serve Latino and all students.

Excelencia in Education's Core Efforts:

Examples of Excelencia began in 2005 and is the only national data-driven initiative to recognize programs and departments at the associate, baccalaureate and graduate levels as well as community-based organizations with evidence of effectiveness in accelerating Latino student success.
Growing What Works began in 2009 to refine and replicate educational programs proven to advance Latino achievement at the associates and baccalaureate levels. This initiative is informed by Examples of Excelencia and includes a searchable database.
Ensuring America’s Future by Increasing Latino College Completion highlights the role of Latinos in meeting the country's college degree completion goal with work in three tracks: information, engagement, and sustainability. This national initiative includes partners from multiple sectors and profiles Latino College Completion throughout the United States
Accelerating Latino Student Success (ALASS) Workshop began in 2010 as the meeting place for professionals leading and learning about effective strategies around the country making a positive difference for Latino college students. Held each fall in Washington, DC, the ALASS Workshop is presented in coordination with the national announcement of the year’s Examples of Excelencia.
Excelencia in Action began in 2011 with professionals from selected colleges, universities and organizations invited to form a network to increase Latino—and all—students’ success in higher education. To increase the momentum in 2014, a new leadership level was launched with Presidents for Latino Student Success joining the efforts of program level affiliates comprising the Excelencia in Action Network
Hispanic-SERVING Institution Center for Policy & Practice (HSI-CP2) began in 2014 to provide a central source of information and tools to inform and support HSIs and educators SERVING Latino and other students.


Understanding the role of selective institutions in Latino student success [Cisneros Foundation]: Develop a short series of studies with data, case studies, and policy implications on the role of selective institutions in Latino student success.
From Capacity Building to Success at HSIs: the Link with Federal Funding [TG]:  Conduct research project examining the link between the capacity building funds from the federal Title V program and student persistence and completion at HSIs.
Finding Your Workforce: STEM [Microsoft]: Brief of top institutions graduating Latinos in Science, Technology, Engineering and Math (STEM) and importance of linking this Latino-skilled talent in the STEM fields.
Helping or Hindering? State Policies & Latino College Completion [Book chapter]:  Expand and update state Latino College Completion factsheets and examine policy implications in three states-California, Texas, and Colorado.


Lumina Latino Student Success (Lumina LSS) effort [Lumina Foundation]: Serve as national partner with Lumina Foundation and FSG and provide technical assistance and strengthen their external communication strategies to 13 sites for collective impact increasing Latino student success.
Lumina Community Partnership for Attainment (CPA) [Lumina Foundation]: Serve as a core partner to provide strategic information, cross-site programming, and leveraging support to over 80 participating communities, specifically targeting those that express an interest in serving Latinos.
National Latino Student Success (LSS) Funder group: To facilitate meetings of foundation representatives to share efforts improving Latino student success.


Practice to Policy for Latino Student Success in Higher Education: Looking at Transfers [Greater Texas Foundation]: Addresses the Latino transfer experience in Texas translating institutional practice to policy and produce policy recommendations.


Building to Success: Awareness, Innovation, Advocacy, and Capacity for Latino Student Success [Gates Foundation]: Expand Excelencia’s organizational capacity through additions in personnel, updates of business and communication plan, and increasing programmatic efforts of evidence-based practices.
Strengthening the Core to Advance Latino Student Success in Higher Education [Kresge Foundation]: Expand Excelencia’s operational and financial capacity, leverage research to inform broader efforts, and expand and sustain models of engagement. 
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