Impact on Latino Student Success

Our Impact

Excelencia in Education is putting its unique knowledge about student success on the line to encourage more colleges to use evidence based strategies to improve completion that will have a long-term payoff not only for the students but for families communities, states, and the nation.

George Muñoz, President and co-founder of Muñoz Investment Banking Group and former Assistant Secretary of the U.S. Treasury Department

Excelencia makes a difference

Excelencia has been clear that the nation cannot meet college completion goals without a tactical plan to accelerate Latino student success. Our programming, research, and policy work have been focused on institutional and community strategies serving post-traditional students. The majority of these students are low-income and underrepresented students. We work with community-focused institutions that listen to students and adapt their practices while making pragmatic choices based on resource constraints and continuing efforts to innovate to serve more students.

15 years of commitment
  • Excelencia has helped fill crucial information gaps to identify the status of Latino success in higher education, what needs to change, and how change can be accomplished.
  • Excelencia regularly benchmarks what works to accelerate Latino student success in order to spread highly successful practices to institutions nationwide.
  • Excelencia has become a trusted advisor to leaders in Washington, DC, to states, and to institutions of higher education.

Years of Continued Commitment

For 15 years, Excelencia in Education has been informing, organizing, and serving Latino student success. We continue to strategize how to leverage our role as an information source on the status of Latino educational achievement, our function as a major resource for influencing policy at the state and national levels, and our contributions as a widely recognized advocate for Latino student success in postsecondary education.

15 Years of serving Latino student success