MEMPHIS, TN - At yesterday's Radio Ambiente Festival Latino in Shelby Farms Park, Marcela Pinilla did what she does for a living: she sang a song.

But this song was different - and that performance was just the beginning. The song is about changing our world for the better, one small act of kindness at a time. It's called "Un Mundo Bueno," and Marcela (and some special friends) hope to bring its message to life.

All proceeds from the sales of the single will jointly benefit Excelencia in Education, a national organization that aims to accelerate higher education success for Latino students through promoting education policies and institutional practices that support their academic development, and the National Hispanic Professional Organization (NHPO)'s La Sangre Llama and Future Latino Leaders Scholarships.

Marcela's goal is to raise $250,000 by Christmas. It may seem an ambitious figure to some, but not to the Colombian singer. "There are 50 million Latinos in this country," she said. "And all I'm asking for is $250,000. For 250,000 to give just one dollar for education."

She wrote the initial draft of the song in May, but when the idea evolved to include a premiere at Festival Latino, Marcela contacted Carmen Reyes from Radio Ambiente. "I told her about my idea, told her about having kids singing with me and the intention for the proceeds to go to improve Latinos' education," Marcela said. "Her having the big heart she has, she told me she loved it and gave me the check to get started."

She gathered a team of talented musicians - led by Tim Goodwin - and nine talented young Latino singers. "I wanted to have children who could sing, but more than anything I wanted to have the essence of childhood represented, just have them sing and dance the way they are," Marcela said. "So we have some children who sing all the time, some who like to sing but don't do it often and even children who don't normally sing, who were very shy. But at the end they found that voice inside and let it out!"

"It was a long day but probably one of the happiest moments in my career," Marcela said. "Looking at them I thought, this is definitely what can change things around, people getting together to do what they do best and make a difference. We all can do our part. For us, our thing is music - so music is what we did."

The song will be available for download at beginning Monday, October 17.

About Marcela Pinilla

Discovered at the ripe age of 5 in her native Colombia, Marcela's began singing professionally at the age of 14, when she performed regularly with a band base out of her home town, Bogotá. She was on the road 2 years later exploring Southeast Asia, and that began a life filled with music and adventure that hasn't stop since then. She had done music and lived in several different countries, fascinated with the similarities she found in people from different corners of the world. "We are all the same and that is why we need to treat each other with compassion and respect," she said.


Release Date
Sun, 10/16/2011 - 9:00pm