Leaders Supporting the Seal of Excelencia

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"We support the Seal of Excelencia initiative because this is the opportune time to bring this conversation to the national landscape."

- Sarah Belnick, Program Director College Success, ECMC Foundation



“…we salute you, we’re proud to stand beside you as you move forward with this initiative…”

- Walter Bumphus, President, American Association of American Colleges



“I think Excelencia is the organization to lead the way in interpreting what serving means.”

- Beatriz Cejas, HSI Division Director, US Department of Education



“The Seal of Excelencia will be the beacon to identify colleges and universities that support Latino students.”

- Jacki Cisneros, President, The Gilbert and Jacki Cisneros Foundation



“…it’s a common sense approach to what we need to do at this time for a growing population in higher education.”

- Gabriella Gomez, Deputy Director of Postsecondary Policy and Advocacy, Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation



“Excelencia has over a decade of and a reputation for being the leader in innovation of what works for Latino student success.”

- Félix Matos Rodríguez, President, Queens College, City University of New York and President for Latino Student Success



“So this is the idea of the Seal…enrolling Latino students is a necessary precursor, but not sufficient to truly serve. That’s our thesis.”

- Deborah Santiago, CEO, Excelencia in Education



“The Seal of Excelencia initiative gives institutions an opportunity to shine!”

- Belle Wheelan, President, Southern Association of Colleges and Schools Commission on Colleges and Excelencia in Education Board Member