Data: 2011-2012

The list of institutions identified as HSIs in this analysis is not intended to designate eligibility for any specific program; rather, the list is meant to assist in considering and analyzing the institutions that meet the basic legislative definition of a Hispanic-Serving Institution. The following are recent lists for HSIs, Emerging HSIs, and HSIs with graduate programs.

For an overview of information on HSIs, such as location, governance, and admissions, click here.


Summary and list of the 356 institutions identified as HSIs in 2011-12

Summary and list of the 250 institutions identified as Emerging HSIs in 2011-12.

Summary and list of the 133 institutions identified as HSIs with Graduate Programs in 2011-12.

This list serves as a reference and provides the IPEDS Unit ID codes for each institution that was an HSI in 2011-12. This file was created using the Excelencia in Education “Create an HSI list” methodology located under “Tools.”

In 2011-12, there were 356 HSIs located in 16 states and Puerto Rico, representing 11% of all institutions of higher education.