Why Latino student success is important

Why Latino Student Success is Important

A new majority of America is coming. We endanger ourselves, risk our prosperity and economic development when a group that will become more prominent and dominant is so far behind. 

Arthur Levine, president of Woodrow Wilson National Fellowship Foundation, and former president, Columbia University, Teachers College

What describes us does not divide us unless we allow it to.

Racial and Ethnic trends describe our society in useful ways

Some believe a focus on race and ethnicity divides us as a society. At Excelencia in Education, we believe acknowledging racial and ethnic trends describes our society in useful ways.

Meeting the increasing challenges of a global economy requires all in the U.S. are well educated, especially the growing Latino population. Now, more than ever, it is necessary to build momentum to capture the talents of Latino students and enhance their transitions into a highly skilled workforce and into leadership roles in the U.S. society. Educators and policymakers are looking to invest in strategies that show evidence of effectiveness.

Informing With Data and Analysis

Using data and analysis to better serve Latino and all students.


Using data and analysis to identify factors that influence the success of specific student populations establishes the base line information from which to develop more effective policies, engage diverse stakeholders, and enhance the active and tactical responses needed to better serve Latino and all students.