Excelencia in Action (E-Action) is a national network of action-oriented leaders at postsecondary institutions, programs, and community-based organizations that collaborate with Excelencia in Education to leverage their collective expertise and resources, amplify current efforts, and expand successful strategies to accelerate Latino student success in higher education.
The E-Action network provides access to more than a decade of analysis, expertise and leadership from Excelencia and fellow leaders in higher education focused on evidence-based strategies.
E-Action works with Presidents and Affiliates and provides exclusive engagement opportunities, projects and potential partnerships within the network. Through E-Action, Affiliates have the opportunity to:
 Build their capacities to advance Latino student success through the Excelencia in Education resources, leadership, and staff
 Shape the national agenda for Latino student success by attending Excelencia in Education events, contributing to public communications, and participating in important research projects