Emily Gantz McKay

Vital Supporter


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Emily Gantz McKay - vital supporter of Excelencia in Education


Excelencia honors and gives its Heart to Emily Gantz McKay for her irreplaceable spirit and vital assistance to create the internal operations that launched and support Excelencia. As leader of Mosaica, Emily provided the knowledge and expertise to build the necessary organizational foundation.

She advised and supported Excelencia in becoming a legal entity, filing the correct paperwork that secured the organization’s not-for-profit status. She also created the first personnel manual and developed the initial operational budget. A non-profit specialist, with significant knowledge and expertise about the Latino community having served for many years as vice president at NCLR (now Unidos US) Emily oversaw all the nuts-and-bolts needs for Excelencia as a startup organization and remained an advisor as the organization grew. For providing this essential support with her trademark enthusiasm and encouragement and for her sustained interest and advocacy for our mission, Excelencia recognizes Emily Gantz McKay and expresses our deepest gratitude.