The Alamo Colleges District is comprised of five colleges that serve approximately 60,000 students, of which 62% are Latino.  AlamoADVISE, an intrusive, intentional case management model, was launched to facilitate and support student transition from outreach to credential completion.

Adelante is a volunteer-based program that began with twice monthly, Saturday mentoring and enrichment workshops to 25 middle-school students. It now serve 135 students across seven programs weekly, including: Mentoring & Enrichment, After School Tutoring programs, College Readiness, Ambassadors, Bellarmine Academy Martes, and TJX Scholarships.

Formally launched in 1990, Science Bound (SB) was replicated at Purdue University in 2001, and expanded to two rural Iowa communities in 2005 and 2007. SB is a nine-year, informal STEM development program preparing pre-college URMs to earn bachelor’s degrees and pursue careers in technical disciplines.

The Transitional Bilingual Learning Community (TBLC) program was launched to assist immigrant students with limited English proficiency to transition into college. The program prepares Latino English language learners (ELL) for college-level courses taught in English within a period of two semesters.