Collaboration is key to Latino student success

Collaboration is Key to Our Success

By bringing together diverse stakeholders to collaborate with an intentional focus on increasing Latino student success, we provide real solutions for policymakers, higher education leaders, and communities who understand that college completion is America’s path toward a stronger future.

Sarita E. Brown, president of Excelencia in Education

Inform. Lead. Accelerate.

Excelencia in Education uses data, practice, and leadership to partner and collaborate with professionals, institutions, and organizations so they can more effectively serve Latino students.

Partner and Collaborate - Maria Harper-Marinick and Deborah Santiago

We've collaborated with institutions and community-based organizations to provide technical assistance, inform policy and practice, and to promote what works for Latino student success.

Together we will:

  • Organize community efforts to increase educational opportunities
  • Conduct research with a Latino lens
  • Promote, replicate or scale evidence-based practices