2022 Fall Events

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2022 Celebración de Excelencia

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Celebración de Excelencia is the national announcement of the 2022 Examples of Excelencia. Four evidence-based programs will be recognized for accelerating Latino student success in higher education. 

Join the celebration September 29, 2022 and learn what programs in colleges, universities and community-based organizations across the country are recognized for their positive impact on Latino student success. Learn more about Examples of Excelencia.

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2022 Seal of Excelencia Certified Institutions Announcement

Seal of Excelencia - Intentionally Serving Latinos - National Announcement

The Seal of Excelencia offers colleges and universities the tools to transform through a comprehensive institutional strategy for intentionally SERVING students. These institutions demonstrated they go far beyond enrollment with strategies that align data, practice, and leadership with the ability to intentionally serve Latino students that enhances their capacity to serve all students.

Attend the announcement on September 30, 2022 and learn what colleges and universities are earning the Seal of Excelencia in 2022 for the first time or earning their recertification. Learn more about the Seal of Excelencia.

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Supporting  Latino Student Success in Higher Education

 Celebracion de Cultura y Arte - Inaugural Fundraiser by Excelencia in Education's Board of DirectorsLogo


Celebración de Cultura y Arte opens on September 30th and closes on Novermber 1st.

Learn more about the curated art by prominent Latino artists and how this effort supports Excelencia’s endowment and mission to accelerate Latino student success in higher education.