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11:00am - Noon EDT     


Live Viewing Logo - 2020 Seal of Excelencia certified institutions announced

Join us online for the national announcement of the institutions earning the Seal of Excelencia in 2020.  


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5:30 - 6:30pm EDT      


Live Viewing Graphic - 2020 Examples of Excelencia Announced

Join us online for the Celebración de Excelencia - the national announcement of the 2020 Examples of Excelencia. Selected programs in colleges, universities and community-based organizations across the country will be recognized for their positive impact on Latino student success.

Offered in cooperation with the Congressional Hispanic Caucus

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11:00am - 4:30pm EDT

Sold Out - ALASS Institute

The 2020 ALASS Institute will address the national agenda for Latino student success in higher education in this time of uncertainty. Through the ALASS Institute, participants will have the opportunity to network virtually and explore opportunities, tactical information about evidence-based practices, strategies and resources to advance Latino student achievement in higher education.



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2020 Accelerating Latino Student Success (ALASS) Institute Sponsor


Support Latino Student Success

Learn more about sponsoring the 2020 Examples of Excelencia.

Learn more about sponsoring the 2020 Accelerating Latino Student Success (ALASS) Institute.